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Motorhead day 2014 [24 Dec 2014, 1927 hours]
Happy birthday Lemmy!

Saw you live twice this year, and although it wasn't as good as I hoped, it was still great!

Funny enough no other posts here since the same day last year :D
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Motorhead day 2013. [24 Dec 2013, 2043 hours]
Happy birthday Lemmy!

Two attempts to see you live in 2013 weren't successful, but I'm not giving up and will continue to try in 2014! Hope you'll feel better by February and won't cancel any more gigs :)

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Another Maiden tour has began! [01 Jun 2013, 2013 hours]
1 down, 13 to go!

14 shows in 9 countries. Not too bad for a newbie :D
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Happy Birthday Janick! [27 Jan 2013, 1928 hours]
Another tradition is born.
Happy birthday Janick!
 photo Janick6_2013_zps2aaec5b9.jpg
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Motorhead day. [24 Dec 2012, 2019 hours]
Nope, ain't gonna miss it.

Happy birthday Lemmy!

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The tour has began. [23 Jun 2012, 0559 hours]
Off to the Maiden England tour. See ya in 4 days, Janick :D Or maybe even sooner, who knows?
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It's been a year! [11 Feb 2012, 1932 hours]
Exactly a year ago I went to an Iron Maiden gig, just for the hell of it, 'coz I and nothing better to do... And it completely changed my life :D Certainly for the better! I've known Maiden for about 10 years before that, and listened to a few songs from the 80s occasionally, but never was a fan and didn't know anything about the band. But after seeing them live I became a fan instantly. But what really converted me momentarily was seeing Janick! As I wrote in my intro, watching him play just makes me smile - and that's awesome! On the way from the gig I couldn't shut up about that amazing blonde guitarist all the way home, speaking with my mum, who hasn't been to the gig, but came over to pick me up in the car (with a nice cup of hot coffee, which in -20 degrees C was as awesome as the gig had been :D).

I still remember my first reaction on seeing Jan. I sat quite far away (only true fans go to the floor and I wasn't a fan back then), and my eyesight is faaaaar from good, so when I first saw him dancing and jumping, and doing a windmill with his hand and wearing those skinny jeans and big white hightops...I thought he couldn't be more than 25, and that he was a newcomer to the band (well, relatively speaking, he is :D)... and that he just teleported straight from the 80s :D Then, when I looked at him through my binoculars (if I go to the seats, I go prepared!), and thought that ok, he may be closer to 40. Then upon seeing him on the big screens to the sides of the stage I realised how wrong I had been :D But I already was hooked, from the first seconds of seeing him, and I watched mostly Jan the whole gig.... as I still do on every dvd and bootleg I watch :D But of course, it wasn't only Janick, the music just blew me away too! The newer Maiden music, while before the gig I heard only the stuff from the 80s. 3 songs that impressed me most of all were Dance of Death, When The Wild Wind Blows and The Talisman - those wonderful epics Maiden are so good at. Interesting that 2 of those songs were written by Jan, even though I didn't know that at that time :) Well, my mind just turned into the right direction straight away!

When in the end of the gig Bruce said "See you in St.Petersburg this summer" I immediately decided to go - I was already a fan! So, bought a ticket to St.Pete gig, joined the Fan Club, saw just how much people travel for Maiden (seeing Lisa's 2011 tour in her signature was the determining point!) and decided to try and go to the Helsinki gig as well, though before it just seemed waaaaay too difficult to do that - with all the booking, visas and tickets, and not knowing the local language, and having no one to go with. But I decided to give it a go anyway, and turned out it was easy! I found some nice company with the help of the FC and had a really great time at my first gig abroad. And in St.Petersburg.... I met Janick, though briefly but completely by accident, which made it twice as awesome, and watched the gig from the barrier for the first time... and there's nothing like that!

One year later.... it's still the same! Watching and listening Janick and Maiden has the same effect on me as a year ago. And I'm soooo looking forward to the new tour and doing as many gigs as possible!

So anyway, to commemorate this glorious anniversary, a pic of Jan.... as usual :D even though I have fuckall time for drawing nowadays :D

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Happy Birthday Janick! [27 Jan 2012, 2010 hours]
And a new tradition is in place it seems. Happy Birthday Janick! Thanks for a wonderful year! :D

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It's all about the Lem! [24 Dec 2011, 1057 hours]
And the tradition goes on, and on, and on :)

Happy birthday, Lemmy!

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Come On Out And Play! [14 Aug 2011, 1903 hours]
Another review of yet another gig, my 8th this year. Going for the record in gig going, undoubtedly :) This time it was Twisted Sister, a band I liked a lot 10 years ago and still quite like, though of course, not as much as before. But this is the band that wrote a song that subconsciously became my credo, my way of life - "I'll never grow up now!" :D Perhaps not the best attitude, but a fun one :D Pity they didn't play it at this gig.

I came to the venue quite early, about 5 pm, and there were already about 40 people ahead of me, but surprisingly not much joined after me, maybe just double that number when the doors opened. Before Cinderella gig at the same place the queue went on for hundreds of meters by that time. Weird, since I hardly knew Cinderella music before the gig but was a long time TS fan. Perhaps that's why the band started playing at least half an hour later - they were just waiting when more people would join. It was a work day after all.

Once inside, I took a place in the second row a bit right of the center behind a very short girl - nice place :) Turned out, it was exactly in front of the usual place of Dee Snider, when the crew placed his bright pink mike stand right in front of us :D I anticipated lots of good pics I could take from such a position :) While waiting, I realised on more thing - I didn't like the public around me much. People were a lot nicer in St.Petersburg at the Maiden gig. Dunno if it was 'coz of them being Maiden fans or Piter locals :) I wanna believe that the former is the case :) Though I noticed quite a few people in Maiden shirts before the gig - and I was naturally wearing one myself :)

But anyway, once one of AC/DC songs started to play louder than the rest of PA soundtrack it became clear, that the show was about to start! It wasn't as spectacular, as usual - first the drummer got on his place, then slowly the others walked out on the stage too and 'What you don't know sure can hurt you' started. Of course, everyone's attention was focused on Dee, who was wearing a fantastic looking coat, which he soon discarded. He seems to be in the top shape, and overall looks surprisingly hot :) That's what happens when you stop wearing stupid outfits and crazy make up :p He still had some make up on, but not the excessive pink one. He also is extremely photogenic - and a great frontman! Love the way he works with the public - jokes a lot, encourages people to sing. And the way he lay down during a coupla songs, and how he sometimes lifted his shirt a bit exposing his belly :D Quite hot, as I said :)


Both Dee and AJ French spoke a lot to the audience, always mentioning though, that they hoped people could understand them :D Dee mentioned Russian roots of AJ and Mark and even of himself. And at one point he asked the guys to get girls on their shoulders, 'coz the band wanted to see beautiful Russian women :) Loved the bit when Dee noticed people sitting in the VIP sector upstairs and encouraged them to stand up... in quite a rude manner - by chucking a toilet paper roll at them, 'coz if they were sitting, they must've been taking a shit, and therefore would need it :) I suppose, it's a usual part of the show, 'coz the said roll was thrown on stage from the audience. As was a lot of other stuff: The Russian flag, which Dee held upside down at first, Ushanka, which Dee put on after asking if we wanna see it :), and some ragdoll, which looked a lot like Dee :D

In front of me also was the place of Mark The Animal Mendoza, the bassist, who also plays with his fingers (no chance of catching a pick...), but in quite strange manner - does a lot of hammering with his fist on the neck of his bass :) Looks and sounds good though! But he had some problems with his bass during the gig. The guitarists, AJ French and Eddie Ojeda played on the other side of the stage, and only AJ came to our side sometimes.
The drummer had several minutes to himself, playing a drum solo! Haven't heard those for quite a while :) And the second part of it was played in the darkness with sticks which had red lights at the ends - really cool idea! However, he sucked at throwing sticks to the audience - they landed on the edge of the stage :D Also loved the red light in Burn in Hell, Dee looked really scary in it.


People around me knew most of the lyrics and sang along pretty well. However during 'I wanna rock', Dee asked if we wanted to 'rock' or to 'fuck' :) Dunno I've it's a usual routine or that was 'coz of Russians being bad with English vowels :) But anyway, after that most people seemed to sing 'fuck' on purpose :)

The overall sound was a bit strange - sometimes I couldn't hear Dee during the songs, but I heard him alright when he spoke to the public. Maybe that was because people sang too loud :D


As I already mentioned, I stood almost dead center, just a bit to the right - a great place to watch the gig, but it's damn difficult to be there :) I reckon it's one of the 3 most brutal gigs I've ever been too, which is surprising, because the music isn't that heavy and TS surely doesn't have that many fans. Perhaps it had to do with how hot it was there - my shirt was wet through after the gig. And so were my hair, top half of my jeans and even my small concert bag and money in it, and my leather wristband:) Not even Metallica was that bad from this point of view. And I hardly could take my camera out. I did, briefly, during just one song, so I at least had something to publish in this report :) Pity, Dee had so much nice poses, that the photographer in me was desperate to take more pics of him :) But that was not to be. Maybe it's for the better - more time to enjoy the gig :)

Due to my position I didn't get any trophies after the gig - both guitarist were to the left, and the bassist played with fingers, so no pick from him either. But the energy and the brilliant performance were quite enough!


Exiting the venue and getting immediately cold in my totally wet shirt, I was very happy, that I had a car waiting for me. Once inside I decided to take off the t-shirt altogether - it was too disgusting and cold - not bothering what others might think of me :D Well, at least I had a half-wet denim jacket to put on :)

I started the car, still being quite shocked from the heat, and missed my turn to the 3rd circle road, which is the fastest road to my house. Instead I drove through the very center of Moscow, near the Kremlin and the Red Square :) Nice, even though it took a bit longer!

So, to um it up, the gig was very good and I enjoyed it a lot, but... I want more Maiden :D IM gigs touch something deep inside my soul, nothing can be compared to them :) TS - great, but just another gig.

01. What You Don't Know (Sure Can Hurt You)
02. The Kids are Back
03. Stay Hungry
04. Captain Howdy
05. You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll
06. The Fire Still Burns
07. We're Not Gonna Take It
08. The Price
09. Under the Blade
10. Shoot 'em Down
11. Burn In Hell (incl. Drum Solo)
12. I Wanna Rock

- - -

13. Come Out and Play
14. S.M.F.

Professional photos: here, here and here
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6|666. [11 Aug 2011, 2034 hours]
Сегодня ровно полгода, как Шу сходила на концерт Iron Maiden в Москве, увидела Яника Герса и у нее съехала крыша. И Мэйден-мания продолжается до сих пор! Хотя нет. Это уже не мания. Это стиль жизни. И все благодаря, в первую очередь, ему:


Спасибо, Яник, что неизменно поднимаешь мне настроение :)

И кто же меня поздравил с этим юбилеем, Моя машина! С утра она мне показала вот это на одомеетре:


6|666 - шесть месяцев, как я слушаю банду, поющую 666 - the number of the beast :D
Вот это совпадение :)) Таллика знает, как меня порадовать :)
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Another dream with Jan, my 3rd one :D [10 Aug 2011, 1924 hours]
I've an amazing dream last night, with Iron Maiden and Janick in it :)

It was an IM gig (how original:)) but in a very strange venue. A really small one, with a waist high stage, seats starting just a few meters away from it and a really small standing section if front of the stage, where most people were sitting down on the floor. But it was still an IM gig, and I was watching it from the best place imaginable - in front of Jan and just a meter away from him :) He caught my eye all the time and smiled a lot :) And so did the rest of the band, since I was one of the very few people who didn't just sit and watch, but sang along, headbanged and generally looked like they were really into music. But the really fun part started next :D

In the little intermission that comes before the last three songs all the guys changed their clothes into something with American Indian motive in it :lol: Jan was wearing a fringed (i guess it's called that, though I'm not sure) blue shirt with triangle pattern, and a headband with some feathers in it :D Looked fantastic! And damn funny, 'coz with those long blonde hair he doesn't look anything like an Indian :D But anyway, after coming out again dressed like that, he pointed at me and made a gesture to come closer. I did so, and he put a feather in my hair and then a headband just like his. Hell, I felt weak kneed even in my dream :lol: After that the band naturally started playing Run To The Hills, which is the first Maiden song I heard and therefore one of my all time faves. Amazing!

But that's not all! During the song, when the lyrics changed to the point of view of the soldiers, the Crew came out dressed as soldiers and began a funny fight with the band. And with me, since I was also 'an Indian' :D They left the band alone pretty soon though - they still had a song to finish, but big Ash grabbed me and dragged backstage :lol: There he said that I can join the band at the afterparty. Niiiiice!

Pity, that's where my dream ended, 'coz my hell-cat woke me up again, for about the 20th time that night, but even so it was a really great one! The part with Janick putting the feather in my hair - awwwww! It's a really rare thing that I see him in my dreams (3rd one afair), so it's a real treat when something like that happens :)
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Iron Maiden Trip'2011. Part 5. Coming home. [10 Aug 2011, 1915 hours]
Part 5.
A few more days in St.Pete and Coming Home.

Not as interesting as the previous ones :)

After the gig I reunited with Nika who stood at Adrian's side during the gig and we went to get some water to wet our extremely dry throats in the nearby store... As did a coupla hundreds other Maiden fans :) Chants 'Maiden Maiden' could be heard in all the queues :) I love when this happens :) It wasn't the same feeling of camaraderie as in the center of Helsinki after the gig, but as close as it could get here :)

On the way from the gig I took out my phone and noticed this on the step counter :D Nice catch! And very fitting for the Iron Maiden gig – The Number of The Beast :D

Then we went to the center of the city, for a quick refreshment in my hotel and then to try and guess, which pub Maiden guys might be using :) No, we're not stalkers, I was ravenous hungry :) We settled on one place not far from the Maiden hotel, but we didn't guess the right one :) Apart from one English-speaking guy in Tampa t-shirt there was no sign of Maiden there :) But the ham-and-eggs was great! Nika was really disappointed, but I wasn't. "Always look on the bright side of life", remember? ;) It was one amazing weekend, no need to spoil it with negative impressions.

At about 2 or 3 we decided to call it a night. I went back to my hotel, Nika attempted to return to her apartment on the outskirts of the city, but met some Maiden fans on the way and didn't return until 7 am. That's some partying :D

The last two and a half days weren’t interesting at all. I woke up at 7, as usual, checked out of my hotel and went to Nika’s place, ‘coz we planned to do a lot together. But we didn’t. Different habits and sleeping and waking made sure of that. On Monday we didn’t leave her place until about 2 pm – more than half a day wasted! Nika wanted to check out the Maiden hotel again, maybe to see them leaving. I agreed if we sat in the cafe across the road, so we did for a while. No sign of Maiden or any of the other fans. Suspicious! Later I found out that at 2pm they were already in Portugal, so they must've left at 7am or smth like that. That's a lesson to those who sleep half of the day - you miss out on everything!

After that Nika’s mood gradually got worse, ‘coz she didn’t get to meet Adrian. And I didn’t need it influencing my mood as well and spoiling good memories from the gig. So for the last coupla days I preferred to stay on my own and do the touristy stuff myself :D Pity that the storm broke my plans and I got my feet very wet :) However I still met with that girl I got acquainted at the gig and gave her a couple of my drawings. And on the last day I took a boat trip on St.Pete’s canals with my suitcase for a company :D

Then I got to the airport and boarded the plane with the idea that in an hour and a half I'll be already entering my apartment and greeting my cats. Like hell I was :) Instead of 1 hour, the plane was in the air for nearly 2 making circles 0_0. And when we finally landed, we waited for about 40 minutes for our luggage. Damn it!

But still, even a few hours later than I expected I was finally home and the last disappointing impressions of St.Pete were quite hazy in my head and didn't spoil my general excitement about what happened during the weekend and before that :) 'twas a great trip, albeit a very short one. But I met so many great people, including Janick himself, saw lots of interesting places and had the greatest of times at the gigs! But next tour I'm definitely going to more shows! Now I gotta find a way to hibernate for a few months with my good memories until the next tour is announced and I can start planning my part of it :)

But what's really amazing is that more than 3 weeks after my journey I'm still in an excellent mood most of the time and the excitement just doesn't subside. Incredible that :D I'm a total Maiden convert!

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Iron Maiden Trip'2011. Part 4. St.Petersburg gig. [10 Aug 2011, 1913 hours]
Part 4.
Iron Maiden gig in St.Petersburg, 2011-07-10

I met Nika and her friend, who was to take her as his guest, and who, I knew, didn't like Janick, being a long time Adrian's fan. But thankfully he didn't say a word against him, once he saw my shirt :) We got to the venue quite early, so we went to the nearby store to buy some water, then walked around it to find Gate 4, where they were to give us the wristbands, didn't spot it or rather mistook it for just a technical entrance, 'coz there were large black trucks undoubtedly carrying IM equipment. The gate was open, so we didn't see the number on it. We went to the main entrance, and asked the security guy - he told us that #4 was the main door. I thought it was suspicious, but what could I do? So we waited with the rest of the crowd, which was quite small and not organized in usual queues as it happens in Moscow and was organized perfectly in Finland. But once it was time to issue the wristbands and then past that, we started to get a bit worried. Luckily, I got a call from a guy I promised to give my spare wristband to - he was already at the gate 4, and it was exactly that one with the black trucks. I fucking knew it! But I decided that the Piter locals would know better :) Stupid of me, I should always listen to my inner voice :)

But nevertheless we got to the gate on time, got the wristbands and joined the small queue of IMFCers. Among them there was a couple from Rio, Brazil! That's amazing! I knew about an Aussie and a Canadian who were coming to the St.Pete gig, and now Brazilians. People from every corner of the world! What other band has such dedicated fans? :D And then the 4th gate were closed! The security guy told us that we won't be let in here and that we should use the main entrance. Fucking hell! We went there but of course no one was about to let us in ahead of the rest of the crowd. Still we fought our way ahead to one of the doors, so when they opened, the local IMFC gang got in first. We found another gate 4 already inside the venue, while the most active guy from the fan club tried to find out what was going on. Not counting on much, I gradually made my way to the front of the door, so I would be let it one of the 1st, fttb or not - I wasn't going to give up on my place in front of Jan that easily :) There we waited for another hour or so, during which came the news that our fttb wristbands certainly wouldn't gain us any early entrance. Well, that's Russia for you! People from the FC were furious, 'cuz many of them joined just for the FTTB, not because they love the band. But I think we should be used to it by now :) Finally, the door opened, we rushed inside and half a minute later I was at the barrier, in a perfect spot to the right of the stage - or so I thought initially. Turned out it was too close to the center, so I was standing mostly in front of Steve and could see mostly Janick's bum :) Well, can't be 100% right on the 1st gig :D

I had a nice company around me - a guy on the left read Neil Gaiman in the original on his phone and shared some candies and the girl on the right was a great fun to talk with so we even decided to meet after the gig :) At a little past 7 the opening act started playing - the local band called Lowriderz. Nobody liked 'em... The music was reminiscent of Dawn, and it didn't suit Iron Maiden crowd at all. Almost no one even clapped. I did. A bit :) You gotta show some respect :) But I was damn glad when they were finally gone :) And what a contrast that was to the opening act before the Helsinki gig just 2 days ago :D

Iron Maiden crew took their place on the stage, tuning the instruments. Before the gig and during the Lowriderz set there was a camera guy standing almost in front of me, right in the direction of Janick. I was quite upset about it when I realized that he'll be standing there the whole gig. But I needn't have worried! One of IM guys came and told him to fuck off from there, 'coz the fans won't be able to see behind him :) In exactly these words :) And get rid of the tripod too and hold the camera on his shoulder like it's done on the other gigs. How much the crowd cheered! And even more when he pointed one of the stage fans at us briefly - it was damn hot there!

A little time later, less then I expected, 'Doctor doctor' started playing, then the lights went off and the show started! It's an absolutely different experience when you're standing in the front row! I can't even express how excited I was!

During the intro to the Sattelite 15 everyone watched the stage very intently for the 1st sign of any of the band members. And I spotted Bruce, but not on the stage yet :) I saw his feet (!!!) showing upside down behind the left part of the decoration :) Like if he stood on his hands :) Oh, Bruce, you never cease to amaze me :D

A short time after that the band ran out on the stage and since then my attention was focused only on one guy - mister Janick Gers :D And it was absolutely fantastic! Watching Janick playing and dancing and jumping around (and humping his guitar :D) just a coupla meters away from you is absolutely incredible! Yes, I'm hooked for life, no doubt about that :) As if I wasn't before :) But now it's even more prominent :)

It was incredibly hot in the venue. Jan and the others were dripping sweat. I haven't seen them so wet on any video I watched :D Not that I complain about that - looking at a sweaty Janick is very...lets say...exciting :lol: But also because of that Janick may have hurt a finger on his left hand - it may have slipped on a string or smth like that, but he obviously was a bit uncomfortable with it closer to the end of the gig :( He still played amazing though! That bit before his solo and the solo itself from Blood Brothers - no words to describe it :) And FotD - the thing that inspired me to pick up the guitar again. And Dance of Death, a little part of which I filmed on video - so I can perv on dancing Janick for months to come before the next tour! And... Everything, really :)

Jan was his usual whirlwind of energy self, not standing still for more than a second, apart from the times when he played acoustic guitar. Talisman sounds absolutely fantastic live! As does When The Wild Wind Blows, which caught my attention back at the Moscow gig. But now everything was twice as good, 'coz I knew all the lyrics, every riff and solo, and was watching it from the best position imaginable :D And how he runs and dances, and jumps during FotD! Just how much energy this 54-year=old man has? :D

What disappointed me a bit - is that Jan doesn't pay as much attention to the front row as I thought. He looks further into the audience. As a consequence, he didn't notice my custom t-shirt with his name and portrait on it until the second half of the gig. But when he finally did, he squinted to see it better and gave me such a smile that I thought I would melt right there and then :) And then he reached to me, as he usually does. Daaaaamn! Fantastic! But I wish I had an Aussie flag to draw attention, as I planned before the gig, but I couldn't find one. But it doesn't matter, he still noticed it in the end :) Don’t know though if he recognized me or the picture on my shirt from the day before, but it doesn’t matter much :)

But in fact I stood not so much in front of Janick, but more in front of Steve. And he's amazing too! What is it with British bassists that they love to ‘shoo’t from their basses? :D And I just love the way he looks right into your eyes, almost inside your soul, and watches, if you sing along or not :) I did, every single line :D Before my trip I had a bit of a cough and wasn't sure if I'd be able to sing during the whole 2 gigs. But after the Helsinki show the cough was mysteriously gone :) Iron Maiden not only brings an awesome mood, but also heals! :D

During the first song Bruce's mike stopped working, even though everything was checked and rechecked by the crew before the IM set. But I didn't even notice it at first - I was singing along, but then I noticed that it was a bit quiet. But it got fixed pretty fast. Also Bruce said how Moscow was ok, but St.Petersburg is the real deal! I booed :) St.Pete's organization was definitely shit :) His jokes however mostly repeated what I already heard in Helsinki 2 days ago. But watching him sing the beginning of Dance of Death right in front of me, with joking about that "one drink and no more" is really cool! If only he didn't blocked Janick from my line of sight :D

But the coolest moment of the show was during Coming Home. Our fans decided to do something special during the gig. And as the chorus of this song started, they launched dozens of paper planes into the air! Bruce was really surprized and very happy to see it :) Some of the planes landed on the stage, and Bruce picked them up and threw back to the audience. He was so into it, that he almost forgot to sing. And it all looked fantastic! You can watch the video HERE :) For once I'm really proud of our fans for coming up with such a great idea. As far as I know it hasn't been done before! And it bring a nice dose of spontaneity into otherwise well defined set.

Dave and Adrian rarely went to our side of the stage, as usual. But when Dave came, it's amazing what a good rapport he has with Janick on the stage. They are always joking and laughing. And during The Wickerman they even sang the oh-oh-oh part in Steve's mike :) Janick looks beautiful when he sings, pity, he doesn't do that often :)

Adrian was wearing a tank top due to the heat, not his usual waistcoat. And if in the beginning of the gig it looked normal, when he returned to our side near the end of the gig, his neckline was *very* low probably 'coz of the heat and extensive sweating, revealing a very big portion of his chest. I'm not H's gal, but I gotta admit it looked damn sexy :)

Nicko couldn't be seen much behind his drumkit, only a coupla times I caught a glimpse of his blond head :) But he still was awesome!

If I'm honest, everything was just as usual (except the paper planes part), I knew the setlist since February, I knew what to expect and where to look, but the fact that I experienced it from the first row makes it the greatest gig I've ever been too! During the 5 months break after my 1st gig I came to appreciate and love every song in the setlist which didn’t change since then. But still my most favourite ones are songs from 2000 onwards – long, powerful and complex. Like Dance of Death, Blood Brothers, Talisman and WTWWB. And during the last 2 the backdrops on the stage are absolutely amazing! And the Big Eddie looks fantastic up close :)

And the Janick's fight with the walking Eddie, and the way he runs between his legs never gets boring :) And neither do Janick's antics with his guitar during 'Iron Maiden' :) Up close you can see, how difficult it actually is, though I never doubted it :) And the guitar between the legs and the amp thrust - incredible to watch with your own eyes :)

As a bonus for the fantastic concert, I caught Steve's wristband! I'd prefer Janick's, of course, but he threw it too far to the left and someone was faster than me... Steve's wristband was very wet with sweat, and stayed that way for almost the whole next day :)

Once the gig ended, "Always look on the bright side of life" started playing from the speakers - and this time, unlike in Helsinki, hardly anyone sang it. I still didn't care and sang and whistled and danced to it on my own - so elated I felt :D The perfect song to ensure you have the best possible mood after the gig, as if the Maiden set itself isn't enough for that :) And I sang and whistled it for days to come :D Addictive bugger :)

Some people complained about the quality of sound. I never felt anything was wrong with it. I could hear Jan's guitar perfectly, 'coz his monitor was quite near - and I didn't need anything else, really :D

On a side note, next time I'm going to the gig - I'm leaving the camera at home :lol: I'm quite obsessive with it :) If I have it in my hand, I can't stop taking pics, and while standing at the front it's quite difficult to reach your bag and put it away. Just for the record, my little 'gig camera' had 976 photos on it :) I think that about 150 are not from the concerts, the rest are live shots over 2 days :) That shows you my addiction to taking pics (about 80% of which are of Janick :D). But such excessive snapping has an advantage too - I've got quite a lot quality shots (20% is a good number for a shitty compact cam). Anyways, next time I definitely go without a cam :D, even though I'm good at concert multitasking - I still rock to every song and sing every line :)

So, as you probably already guessed, the gig was one of the most fantastic experiences I've ever had! I only wish there was more of it. Even two Maiden shows in the row aren't enough. Just 4 months ago I thought that other FCers who went to 10-15-20 gigs a year were a bit crazy. 2 months ago I thought that 2-3 gigs is cool, you don't need more since the setlist is the same every time. Now? Now I totally understand Lis and all the other IM-travelers - the more gigs, the better. And it's never enough! Next tour, here I come! :D

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Iron Maiden Trip'2011. Part 3. Meeting Jan! [10 Aug 2011, 1911 hours]
Part 3.
Back in St.Pete and meeting Jan!

Next morning, waking up at 7am Moscow time as usual (6am local time, making it only 2,5 hrs of sleep), having breakfast, packing bags and falling asleep for a half an hour more, I made my way to the station and got on the Allegro train to St.Petersburg, hoping to get some well deserved sleep on the road. Like hell I got any! Every few minutes there were some announcements on 3 or 4 languages, in front of me sat quite noisy Japanese family, and there were lots of checks - tickets, passports, visas, Finnish customs, Russian customs and so on :) Even the iPod with Maiden and classics didn't help :) But at least I gave my eyes a rest for 3,5 hours, but I couldn't keep from looking out of the window every once in a while. What a contrast there is in the outside view once you enter the Russian side of the border. And I'm the one who's used to it. I wonder what foreigners think when they see shitty roads and crumbling houses. 'Why the hell did I come here' is my guess :)

But it was my country, so I didn't waste time when I arrived and got on the subway train to the center of the city where my hotel was. The hotel was situated in the inner yard of one of the buildings on Nevsky Prospect, the main avenue of St.Petersburg. The room was small, a double bed occupied most of it, the window faced another part of this inner yard, but it had the nicest shower cabin I've ever seen! Having refreshed myself quickly, I went to get some proper food (I had only a coupla sandwiches the day before and didn't want almost any breakfast in the morning) and wifi :) Yeah, this is one great thing about Russia's major cities - nearly every cafe has free wifi in it. I ordered some food, logged on to the forum and checked my PMs - and there was one about FTTB in St.Pete! I made the winning gesture and probably said 'hell yes' quite loud, because a few people turned around :) But I didn't care - I got the fttb!!! The rest didn't matter! Happy, I called Nika, my friend and fellow Maiden fan in St.Pete to tell her the great news, 'coz I promised to take her with me - and it turned out she didn't need it anymore - someone else invited her to come along. Oh well, whatever. Nothing could spoil my mood that day. Still we arranged to meet shortly in the center of the city - she was already on the way with one of her friends, called Yana.

Nika wanted to go look for Maiden at a few likely hotels or touristic places - the thing many Russian fans like doing... I didn't like the idea much, but I had nothing better to do, and they were touristic places after all - and I was a tourist with a camera on my shoulder, so I went along. Every 5 star hotel had a few people in Maiden shirts standing not far from the entrance, as did a few parks in the center and the main square. Ridiculous sight. I refused to stop anywhere near them - yes, I'd like to meet the guys from Maiden, but not that way, not by stalking them! So I just tagged along snapping pics with my camera of this and that :)

After a while, seeing how pointless it was, Nika's friend wanted to go to some shop, so I tagged along again. At that moment I received a text message from Adam and so I was looking at the screen of my phone and not around me. Then I heard Nika say: "Fuck me, it's Janick!" And she was right, he was walking towards us across the zebra crossing. I was completely shocked, so I just said 'Hi Janick!', to which he answered 'Hi' and walked further.

Jan passing us on a zebra crossing after saying ‘Hi’ :)

I didn't have a heart to disturb him - he didn't seem to be in the mood, but Nika's friend was the most active of our bunch - probably 'coz she wasn't a Maiden fan and just wanted to help - so she run after him, stopped him, told that we, meaning Nika and me, were his fans. Well, what's done is done, so I thanked him for the gig the day before in Helsinki and asked for a photo - me and Nika are both on it with Jan (and she's got her hand on Jan's shoulder - I can't intrude people's privacy like that:)) and got one of my drawings signed. And even gave him one of mine prints as a gift :) And then he went along his way.

Now I think I should have acted differently - and I would have if I was alone, though in that case I probably wouldn't see him with my shitty eyesight. Before we approached him he actually stopped and was checking out the coffee shop, probably wanting to buy something refreshing there. If only we let him enter it and order smth, and maybe help paying, like Lisa did when she first met him :) It was such a great chance for a longer chat, but it happened differently. I'm still happy about the meeting of course! I was so hoping for it in Helsinki, and got a bit disappointed when nothing of the sort happened, and I didn't have much hope for anything of the sort in St.Pete, which is a much much bigger city. I knew I wouldn't wait by the hotels or near the sights just waiting for someone to appear, like so many Russian fans do. Anyways I'm still chuffed to bits and can't really believe I met him!

Another proof that it was real :D

After that I couldn't help following him for a while in the distance :o After all I'm a tourist too and also wanna check out the sights :lol: Just love taking pics of everything! That's what DSLR is for :D And that's what Jan did as well - walked a bit, sat on the curbstone, took a sip of water, then crossed the wide road without bothering to find the proper place with traffic lights for it :D Baaad Jan!

My Paparazzi shots of Jan

Janick went onto the Palace square, one of the main attractions of St.Pete - and got ambushed by fans, who were specifically waiting for the Maiden guys there. They ran towards him, a dozen or so of them. Looked a bit scary. Poor Janick! He signed a couple of things, posed for one pic, and then hurried away in the other direction, again across the street without the proper crossing. I stopped following him after that and just walked around with a stupid smile on my face just taking pics of whatever caught my attention :) Well, just like Janick himself, though I doubt he was that happy at that moment :D.

I went in the direction of other St.Pete landmarks, hoping that maybe I catch a glimpse of him again, but no such luck. Or maybe I did, but my eyesight is fucked, and I just didn't recognize him. I remember how my heart skipped a beat when I saw gorgeous blonde hair in the distance, but on the second look it always was just some woman, usually in a dress :D Doesn't matter, instead I watched a boat race around the Peter and Paul fortress and then some Latino dancing near the Alexander Column. Good touristy stuff :)

After a while I called Nika, who didn't come with me but wanted to check out a few hotels in hopes of finding where Maiden were staying. And she, or rather a wide network of spotters, did! Turned out it was nothing that everyone initially thought, but a hotel on the other side of the city center. Quite a walk Jan had by the time we met him! :D Nika, her friend and a bunch of other fans hurried there, and wanted me to come along - but to what purpose? I walked with them for a bit, trying to convince them, that hanging around hotels is ridiculous and real fans shouldn't be bothering the band in their 'home away from home', but of course no one paid any attention to it, so I gave up on them and found a nice cafe with WiFi, so I could share my excitement about meeting Mr.Gers with my friends from the IMOC :)

After that, I decided to call it a night - I haven't slept for more than a few hours for the past 4 nights, so I really needed it. So I returned to my hotel, called Nika - she was still hanging around the hotel entrance or rather the nearby restaurant, where some fans spotted Nicko and Adrian having a quiet dinner. Some of the bravest ones went inside, got an autograph and got kicked out :) The security then announced it was a private party and didn't let anyone else in. Serves them right for being so annoying! And I had a very good sleep that night, no doubt, it was Janick's influence :)


Next morning I woke up at 7am, as usual. It was a gig day, how could I sleep more than that being so excited?! :) The hotel breakfast was quite terrible, so I decided to go to another cafe with WiFi and have a cup of cappuccino. The weather was good, so I walked for a bit until I saw a cafe I liked with an outside terrace. That's where I decided to have my breakfast watching the Nevsky avenue and wifiying a bit :) Once I sat down and glanced across the street, I saw a bunch of metal-type kids probably in Maiden shirts, though I couldn't tell from such distance hanging around the entrance to what looked like an expensive hotel. I checked the name - right, it was the one the band was using, from what Nika told me. So without knowing it I joined the band stalkers :D While I had my breakfast, I watched the guys getting excited whenever someone walked out of the hotel :) I couldn't see the entrance itself behind an advertisement board, but from what I've seen, they didn't meet anyone from the band while I was there :)

While in the cafe, I used wifi to find a few Irish pubs in the area around the hotel, so we could check them out after the gig. Yep, maybe that's stalking too, but what if I just wanna have a pint in one of them? :) After this and watching the fans for a while, I went for another sightseeing stroll over the parks and across Neva to the Peter and Paul Fortress. I also wanted to walk to the Aurora, but it was too far away and I didn't want to be too tired just before the gig.

Another lunch in a cafe with wifi (for the last quick chat on the IMOC forum - I'm really addicted to it :)), a short walk to my hotel - during which a couple of kids in Maiden shirt stopped me, seeing my custom made white t-shirt with Janick on it, and asked me if I knew which hotel Maiden guys were staying at. As you know, I knew that, but refused to tell :D As if there wasn't enough stalkers already :) Leave them alone! Short rest in my hotel, during which I couldn't stay still anyway - so excited I was! - and on to the venue to get the FTTB wristbands!

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Iron Maiden trip'2011. Part 2. Helsinki gig. [24 Jul 2011, 1926 hours]
Part 2.
Iron Maiden gig in Helsinki, 2011-07-08.

In the previous part I stopped just as I was going to the concert. So here is the review of the gig itself and what happened after it :)

After a long wait in the sun in a perfectly organized queue I finally got inside the stadium to find that everything in front was already packed - I wasn't even close to the beginning of the line when I got there. I took a place in the 2nd row to the far right, but soon realised that I wouldn't be able to see Janick from there when he played the acoustic or just walked away from the front a bit, so I abandoned this place, bought a bottle of water and took a place somewhere in the middle of the 1st zone.

At 7 the opening act started - Alice Cooper! That's some opening! I haven't been to his concerts before, so I enjoyed it very much, even though I don't know his material very well. Alice is coming to Moscow this autumn as a headliner, so I guess, I'll come to watch the whole show. His stage act is a bit silly for my liking - all the killing bits, but the atmosphere is great. And he his songs are very catchy :) But he played only his greatest hits during the short set, most of which even I knew and could sing along during choruses.

After Cooper IM crew started to prepare the stage and tuning the instruments, talking quite a lot to fans in the first rows. Now, how cool is that? :)

At approx. 8:45, while it was still sunny, 'Doctor doctor' started playing from the speakers, and after - the long intro to The Final Frontier. The crowd gone crazy, and everyone moved a couple meters closer to the stage :) I didn't mind :D At first :) But then I realized that I wouldn't see anything here either behind the tall Finnish guys, who stood exactly in the direction of Janick. Oh well, the show was still great! I sang along every song (unlike most of the people around me, who knew older songs and the choruses, but not the entire lyrics). I also tried to snap some pics, even though I didn't think anything good would result from it. But by raising my camera I at least could see what was going on on its screen :) In the middle of the set I moved a bit further back hoping to find a spot without tall guys in Janick's direction :) Found it, but it was so far away that taking any pics with 4x zoom camera was pointless :) And my eyesight is very bad.

The 1st thing I noticed about my favourite man onstage was tan marks on his arms :D And of course, he was as amazing to watch live as always. How much energy does Jan have? :D But he was so far away!... Yes, closer than at the Moscow gig, when he impressed me so much that I immediately became a Maiden convert, but still far!

All in all it was the worst concert from the viewing point of view :), but one of the best if you consider the vibe and atmosphere. It was my first gig outside of Russia, and our people seem to be much calmer and less active and participative at the gigs. Not always but as a rule. And here everyone around me jumped up and down during FotD – amazing experience! And one more thing - since the gig was outdoors, half of my face and one arm got a bit sunburnt afterwards :) 'coz it wasn't dark, and during the first half of the gig sun was still up :) Bruce even sang during FotD "Helsinki *not* in the dark" :)

The new big Eddie looked fantastic! And when the 'small' Eddie went on the stage during 'The Evil That Man Do', his customary fight with Janick was shown on the big screen... through Eddie's eyes :D That was so cool!

The Maiden guys were great, as much as I could see :) Playing big arenas is always exciting, I bet. But on the other hand big stadiums always bring people who aren't exactly fans - not many people around me knew all the lyrics. But I lost my voice after singing along every line :) When the gig ended and 'always look on the bright side of life' started playing, I felt so elated that I was dancing to it and singing and whistling along not caring what others thought of me :) But I noticed that some others were doing the same, so it was totally ok :)

Then I wanted to buy a Nordic event shirt for Meghan and myself, but naturally they were all sold out on such a big arena. So I bought just the usual TFF tour shirt - my first one, 'coz I had no official merchandise before that. It's even not that big, I can almost wear it without looking completely ridiculous, as if I stole it from my dad or older brother (especially since I don’t have either :D)

Afterwards I realised that I had so much energy that I could run a marathon if I wanted, so I decided not to go with the rest of the crowd towards the tram stops, but in the other direction along the route I memorized back when I booked the hotel a few months ago. It took me through the Helsinki sleeping districts, which were very tranquil, though once in a while groups of teens were seen. But it was still just twilight even though it was nearing 12am. During the walk I spotted a red Nissan Micra, the car I have back at home, and I regretted very much that it wasn't mine :D Not that I was tired or anything, but it would've topped off the perfect night - I love driving :)

Half an hour later I was in the hotel, getting ready to get out again and do some partying with Adam, Elfi and Celia. The whole city center was in Iron Maiden colours! What a fantastic atmosphere! Not much chance to spot the band in such circumstances, but it didn't matter - I had a great company even without Janick :D We checked out a few pubs, though I was drinking only coke, as is normal for me :) Adam surprised everyone by ordering beer both times (and acting quite funny afterwards :)), and Celia downed half a pint of stout. Then when I noticed that we were just half a minute from my hotel, I decided to finally give the guys some souvenirs I brought from Moscow, because they let me join their company and because they weren't going to visit Russia any time soon :) Besides Celia also gave me some small souvenirs from Mexico, which was quite unexpected and very pleasant :D

We had a great time, laughed a lot, drank a bit... Well, the others did, I just observed, but still was as happy as the others. But soon it was 3am and the next morning I had a relatively early train to St.Petersburg, so I just had to leave and get a little bit of sleep. It wasn't easy - the guys just didn't want to let me go, and I didn't want to go either, but I just knew I had to if I didn't want to collapse the next day, so after exchanging the last very warm hugs, I left for the hotel :) What an amazing 2 days it were!

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Iron Maiden trip'2011. Part 1. [21 Jul 2011, 1914 hours]
So, here it finally is! The huge report consisting of several part about my little trip to see Iron Maiden in Helsinki and St.Petersburg. I waited for it for months and my excitement grew stronger with each week and never subsided! And then my time had come! The trip finally started!

Part 1.
St.Pete and Helsinki before the gig.

The adventures started when I was still in the Msk airport waiting for boarding. On a seat next to me there was a Swiss businessman, who watched me as I was checking the IMFC forum on my iPad (and letting some kids play Angry Birds on it:)). After the kids were gone, he asked if I was an Iron Maiden fan :D Well, naturally I am :) Turned out he liked 'em too, but had never been to the concert. As he also was flying to St.Pete I suggested that he'd go to the concert there, but alas he was flying out sooner than that :) Still, it was a really unexpected conversation and finally the chance for me to practice some spoken English, albeit a very short one :)

In St.Petersburg I met Nika, a fellow Maiden fan who let me stay the night at her place, 'coz my flight to Helsinki was only the next day - it was not very convenient to make connection flights on the same day, besides we wanted to meet for several months, so it was a good opportunity for that :) We had a nice chat, a nice stroll and watched a coupla Maiden dvds. Also checked my messages on the forum and saw that I didn't win the FTTB for the Helsinki gig. Damn! Another problem was that I had very little sleep :D

Next morning I was on my way to Helsinki, with the last chance to use free WiFi at the airport, which is very common thing in Russia, but not anywhere else it seems... The flight lasted only 40 minutes or so - the shortest one I've ever had so far :) Once I got to the city, I found my hotel very fast - only a few minutes from the central station. A few minutes of rest there, and I'm calling Adam and Elfi, with whom we arranged to meet. I asked, which hotel they were staying at, and Adam answered something, that sounded very similar to the name of my hotel. What a coincidence, I thought - we were staying at the same place! So they decided to collect me from my room and then go together to meet Celia. I waited, but no one came. A call from Adam - the room 412, in which I was staying, was empty. What the hell?! Turned out, we were in different hotels after all, but when 2 people to whom English is not a native language speak, such confusion is quite common :D I spelled the name of my hotel, he spelled his, and we realised our mistake :D So we decided to meet at the central station instead.

I got there first and was just walking around for some time, when I heard someone shouting 'Dee!'. I turned around - and there they were! After a few hugs we went to the hotel Celia was staying at, met her - she gave us a very warm welcome, checked the messages for the FTTBb - none of us won, and went for a stroll and some lunch :) A Norwegian, an American, a Dutch and a Russian - I just love how the IMOC unites people from all over the world :D Btw, it was funny, how none of us looked like a Maiden fan. Only I had a small IM pin on my backpack, so we were kind of Maiden fans undercover :)

After the lunch we decided to check out the venue - the big Olympic Stadium, so we'd know where to go the next day. To get there we had to use a tram, and Adam and Elfi had 3-day touristic cards for transport already. Celia bought the same for herself, while I was staying there only 2 days and decided that I'd just pay in the tram itself - I wasn't going to use it a lot. But Celia bought me a 2-day card, so I wouldn't need to worry about it, and didn't even want to hear about me paying her back. It was soooo nice of her! We walked around the stadium a bit, couldn't decide what the proper entrance was, but accidentally snuck right inside on the right stand :) There we watched for a bit how the stage and the barriers were assembled, and I was waiting all the time that some big security guy would come and tell us to piss off :) But no one did, so we left on our own after a while :)

Then we got back to the center, where Celia decided to have some rest and returned to her hotel, but not before I gave her one of my pictures - the one with Bruce - which I printed before the trip :)

After that Adam, Elfi and I had a nice walk through the center of town (with me being a kind of a guide, even though it was my first time in the city, but I have a very good sense of direction and rarely get lost:)), checking out some sights, hoping to spot someone from the band :) But we only saw Ash and some other guys from the crew and then decided to have some rest in one of the pubs. I decided to have a beer for a change - normally I don't drink at all, but Maiden already changing a lot about me, however stupid it may sound :) Still couldn't finish the bottle - alcohol is a vile stuff :D While we were ordering, Adam was asked for an ID, and I wasn't, though last time someone tried to guess my age, he though I was 18 :D Elfi also asked how old I was, and I asked her to guess too - I'm always interested in what people think about this - she thought I was 22. Nice :) Well, I thought Janick was much much younger when I first saw him :p After a while we left the pub, noticing that the Maiden crew was using it as well, and tried to find an internet cafe with no luck at all :) Then, at about 11pm we decided that we all had very little sleep recently and would need some rest before the gig, so we headed to our hotels. I gave Elfi a couple of my drawings of Dave and I should've given something to Adam too, but had no idea what :) Sorry Adam, I hope you wasn't offended by it!

I didn't get a very good sleep though - I was just too excited about my first Maiden gig on the floor, and besides, nights in Helsinki in summer aren't dark at all, and the first night I didn't notice the dark heavy curtains so I could block the light. I gave up on trying to sleep at about 6 am (which is 7am Moscow time - my usual time for getting up). A bit later after breakfast I had another stroll through the almost deserted city, got a bit tired, returned to the hotel for a bit more sleep :) Succeeded, called Adam, who was right on his way to Celia, so I joined them. But turned out that Celia already left her hotel (it was about 12 - no wonder :)), so we tried to find her in the market square or the small city center, but with no luck. Hell, we didn't even spot anyone from the band the day before, and there are 6 of 'em! What shitty stalkers we are! :D Adam and Elfi wanted to try her hotel again, but I thought it was time for me to eat smth and head out to the venue - I wanted to try and get a good spot even though I didn't win the FTTB.

That’s it for today, folks. Part 2 with my impressions of the Helsinki gig will follow soon! (I hope :D)
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Back. [17 Jul 2011, 2126 hours]
They say, never meet your heroes.

They are bloody lying! :D


Had the greatest of times in Helsinki and St.Petersburg. And yes, I met Janick Gers! My favourite guitar player! Accidentally. On the street. Still can't believe it :D And the gigs were awesome! The best weekend in my life, easily!

The reports will follow in a few days. In English :D Dunno if I ever write it in Russian, 'coz most of my friends nowadays are foreigners or at least those who can understand English without difficulties :p
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Fuck The System! [22 Jun 2011, 1712 hours]
Как я и предполагал, гиг System of a Down очень даже прорулил!

Билет на него мне купили еще в феврале, аккурат после Мэйденовского концерта, поэтому давно знал, что пойду туда, хотя и ждал данного события без какого-либо трепета или предвкушения - Систем я слушал активно несколько лет назад, а с тех пор - разве что альбом Toxicity. Тем не менее, всегда приятно сходит на концерт банды, которая когда-то нравилась.

При подходе к Олимпийскому узрел у нужного подъезда уже нехилую толпу людей, хотя приехал довольно рано - еще в 4. Также узрел палатку с надписью Фанзона, где по-идее должны были выдавать браслетики, но в ней никого не было и остальной народ на нее совсем не реагировал, поэтому посидев пару минут рядом с ней и подумав, что народ наверное все-таки знает лучше, я пристроилась-таки в общую очередь... чтобы через 10 минут бежать обратно к палатке, когда в нее пришли охрана и люди с браслетами :D Да, все-таки, следует полагаться только на себя :)) Потом было ожидание выдачи браслетиков, ожидание на вход в Олимпийский и наконец ожидание запуска в саму фанзону. Народ жаловался на идиотов-организаторов, которые не могла запустить всех сразу, а по-моему, все было сделано абсолютно правильно: вместо того, чтобы стоять несколько часов в давке в первых рядах фанзоны, лучше постоять в другом месте при менее плотном кол-ве человек на квадратный метр. Ну и плюс из-за нескольких очередей и забегов между ними происходит естественный отбор тех, кому действительно хочется быть впереди :) Увы, меня отвлек телефонный звонок и желание купить бутылку воды, поэтому в последнюю очередь я пристроилась далеко не в начале, хотя до этого была гораздо ближе.

Войдя наконец в зал, и увидев, что ближние ряды по центру все забиты, я встала у ограждения у правой колонки (как всегда:)), пусть сцены передо мной уже и не было, но видно было замечательно. И никакой давки, никто не пихался, один из самых спокойных концертов вообще, хотя в центре была жесть :) Жаль, что мой вход был ближе к правой стороне, а поэтому Дарон, гитарист, оказался с противоположной от меня стороны сцены. Но мне не хотелось идти искать такое же место с той стороны, рискуя потерять и это.

Вот что не в плюс организаторам - это планировка зала. Очевидно, желая загнать побольше бабла, они отодвинули сцену совсем назад, сделали огромную фанзону, за которой были два танцпартера, из которых, как мне кажется, не должно было быть видно почти ничего. Как и с трибун. Ведь в отличие от Мэйдена, экранов по бокам сцены тут не было. Да и фанзона была настолько большой, что заполниться она просто не могла. Ведь люди все равно хотят встать поближе, а поэтому стоят все плотно, а сзади пусто. Жутко некрасиво это пустое место со сцены выглядит, надо полагать. Поэтому и концерт начался на час позже - ждали, пока подойдет хоть еще немного народа в фанку и на трибуны, которые тоже были пустоваты. Ладно, не мое это дело :)


Перед началом сцену закрыли белым занавесом, на который проецировали надпись System of a Down. В свете этого прожектора люди из центра фанки стали руками делать всякие прикоьные тени - козы, собачки, птички, попытка выложить название группы тенью от рук, а потом и того похлеще. До безобразия с Мэйденовского РокИнРио правда никто не додумался, но тут сколько практики нужно! :D Затем вышли люди, чтобы ловить падающий занавес, а начальник секьюрити, знакомый мне еще по мегадетовскому концерту (самый вменяемый охранник, каких я видел, кстати, только на Моторе в Луже был лучше :)) проходя мимо сказал в рацию "Так, приготовились!", поэтому стало ясно, что действо вот-вот начнется.

И точно! Гаснет свет, за занавесом начинают вспыхивать хаотичные огни, подчеркивающие силуэты музыкантов, а из колонок загремела Prison Song. Затем занавес упал и стало видно, что да, это действтельно Серж, Дарон и Шаво (драммера, разумеется, видно как всегда не было :D) В зале началось полное сумасшествие, хотя в нашем конце было все ок. Правда, оказалось, что стоящая рядом спокойная с виду девушка обладает нереально крутым гроулингом :)

Второй песней была BYOB, которую я очень люблю поиграть и поорать в Guitar Hero, чему даже есть видео-свидетельство :)) Freedom! Затем - IEAIAIO, которую может спеть просто любой :))


Вообще, концерт прошел на одном дыхании. 26 песен почти без остановок заняли около полутора часов. Отдельно хочется выделить Chop Suey, одну из лучших их песен, которую зал орал хором еще перед Металликой в Питере 2008 :)) Lonely Day и Lost in Hollywood, которые поет Дарон, который мне нравится, пожалуй, больше Сержа. Bounce, во время который весь зал прыгал. Science и Aerials, которые я просто очень люблю. Перед Эриалс Дарон, кстати, прикололся. С начала концерта прошел лишь час, а Дарон говорит: "А теперь последняя песня...*пауза*... с нашего второго альбома". Я ржал :)

Но самый хайлайт для меня была песня Cigaro. Как я писала, за последние пару лет я слушала только Toxicity и пару избранных песен с других альбомов, поэтому остальные песни помню не очень хорошо. И вот, в свете прожектора Дарон начинает играть что-то мелодичное, балладное, а потом с таким чувством поет "My cock is much bigger than yours". Если бы я не держалась за поручень, наверное упала бы от неожиданности и приступа смеха. :D
Завершала концерт песня Sugar.


О музыкантах. У Сержа все такой же нереальный диапазон голоса, от гроулинга до высокого мультяшного писка, которые он в сольной карьере совсем не использует. Весь концерт от пританцовывал, а вот с залом общался мало, хотя "Привет, Москва" все-таки сказал :) Шаво, басист, был ближе всего ко мне и но основное, чем он запомнился была... Моторхэдовская футболка! Наш человек :)) Но больше всех запомнился, конечно, Дарон :) Ибо люблю я с недавних пор странно танцующих и очень подвижных гитаристов :)) Так что Дарон, хоть и стоял далеко, но тоже приковывал почти все мое внимание :)) Но надо сказать, что манера игры Яника идет явно от души и наслаждения музыкой, в то время как Дарон просто кривляется и прикалывается. Но смотреть все равно здорово :)) Кстати, и он тоже вытворял что-то странное и не совсем приличное с гитарой :D

Еще стоит отметить Грэга Уотермана, официального фотографа группы и вообще единственного, кто снимал - местную прессу не пустили :) Весь концерт от бегал вокруг сцены с нехилой камерой и снимал-снимал-снимал. А я снял его :))


Вообще, снимать не разрешали. Как только охрана видела у кого-то фотик, сразу подходили и закрывали объектив рукой. Первый раз такое вижу, наверное СоаД на этом сами настояли. Фигня какая-то :)) Из центра фанки люди конечно снимали, а вот из первого ряда снять не получалось. Ну и хорошо, на самом деле, стоял я все равно далеко, а поэтому не парился с фотиком, хотя пару неудачных кадров все-таки попробовала снять :)

А под конец концерта меня ждал приятный сюрприз. Я стоял напротив технической зоны, которая была отгорожена от зала колонками, но с небольшим проходом. Перед последней песней или около того оттуда вышел техник и протянул публике лист. Никто вокруг не догнал, что происходит, поэтому Шу, не особо напрягаясь, разжился сетлистом московского концерта :D Пусть и не со сцены, с пометками и изолентой, а простой распечаткой с не очень хорошего принтера. Но все равно приятно, зато точно знаю, что они играли :D, тем более, я и не рассчитывал вообще ни на какой трофей, ведь стоял далеко от центра.


Кстати, как выясилось потом, данный сетлист не совсем совпадал с реальным :) То ли передумали по ходу дела, то ли фиг знает что. А сетлист бл таким:
1) Prison Song
2) Soldier Side Intro
4) I-E-A-I-A-I-O
5) Needles
6) Deer Dance
7) Radio/Video
8) Hypnotize
9) Question
10) Suggestions
11) Psycho
12) Chop Suey
13) Lonely Day
14) Bounce
15) Kill Rock n' Roll
16) Lost in Hollywood
17) Forest
18) Science
19) Aerials
20) Roulette
21) Tentative
22) Cigaro
23) Suete Pee
24) War
25) Toxicity
26) Sugar

Короче, концертом я очень доволен. Голоса после него нет, есть только кашель :)) Надо за две недели до Мэйдена это дело как-то восстанавливать :)
shoot me again

Cinderella. [20 Jun 2011, 1631 hours]
Отчет об еще одном концерте. А вы как думали? )) На этот раз - Синдерелла.

До концерта у данной группы слышала всего лишь несколько песен, в целом нравились, но особого восторга не вызывали. Но после мэйденовского концерта, который ровно в таких же условиях понравился нереально, я решила, что нефиг пропускать. Тем более в кои-то веки образовалась компания для посещения данного мероприятия. Так что за несколько дней до концерта было решено - идем! К тому же был еще один повод - протестировать в концертных условиях фотик, купленный для съемки Яника Мэйденов в июле :).

Концерт проходил в клубе Арена, там же, где и Слэш в прошлом году. Клуб хорош, все-таки - вход и сразу довольно большой зал, без всяких дурацких лестниц как в покойном Б1. И запарковаться на ближайшей улице можно без проблем. Далековат, конечно, но зато при выезде с учетом на сильные пробки на ТТК и последующем их отсутствии можно занять очередь поближе к началу и быть в первых рядах. Кстати, насчет выезда. Перед выходом болтала на imfc-шном форуме, и меня окрестили Яником женского пола :)) Я, конечно же, была в полном восторге - и на радостях забыла билет на концерт дома :)) Такого еще не бывало за все 10 лет посещения концертов :) Пришлось возвращаться, хорошо, что уехала совсем недалеко.

Но тем не менее, приехала я довольно рано и пристроилась в хвост еще небольшой очереди и стала ждать своего попутчика и когда начнут пускать в клуб. От нечего делать разглядывала приглэмованную публику, ну и заодно просто все вокруг. Бросив взгляд на землю, вижу сложенную банкноту желтого цвета, которая со слепу мне показалось очень похожей на 200 евро (которые я чуть было не нашел на земле прошло зимой. Вернее, нашел - и вернул человеку, из кармана которого они выпали :) Ну честный я, что поделать :)). Незаметно поднимаю купюру и не глядя кладу в карман. При повторном рассмотрении уже после концерта оказалось, что это всего лишь 1 гривна :D А жаль! Но все равно, тоже трофей :))

Концерт задержали часа на полтора... Хотя... вроде бы на сайте клуба было написано, что он начнется в 9, а не в 8, как на билетах, так что получается что может только на полчаса. Но все равно. В это время народ разогревали последним альбомом Моторхэда, среди прочего :) Приятно, хотя данный альбом мне не слишком понравился. Еще увидела недалеко от себя пару, с которыми мы так же долго ждали начало концерта Себастьяна Баха полтора года назад. Они меня тоже узнали :) Возможно, увидимся на Твистед Систер в августе :))


Ну а затем был собственно концерт :) Да, все здорово, музыка заводная, видно и слышно было идеально, но особого восторга нет. Да, никак не в кассу американский глэм-рок, когда тянет в основном на британский хэви :)


Напротив меня большую часть концерта находился басист Эрик Бриттингэм. С очень потрепанным басом, который он несколько раз крутил вокруг себя! Да, это не могло не вызвать определенные ассоциации понятно с кем, а поэтому басист и понравился больше всех :) Гитарист Джефф ЛаБар ни разу не подходил в нашу сторону, поэтому что-то определенного про него сказать не могу - далеко он был :) Но тоже пару раз крутанул гитару вокруг себя, а еще играл на губной гармошке в одной из песен. Клавишник тоже был с другой стороны, а барабанщик, соответственно, за своей установкой (которая после мистера МакБрейна показалось очень уж хилой :))), поэтому про них тоже сказать нечего. А вот солист-мультиинструменталист Том Кифер - другое дело :) И по сцене двигался много, и на чем только не играл - электруха и акустика, синтезатор и консоль с гитарным грифом для слайдового соло (хз, как это официально называется :)), а в конце - еще и саксофон! Вот только как вокалист он мне что-то совсем не катит, но это уже личные предпочтения :) И зал он не слишком заводил, как мне показалось, оно может это его обычная манера.


Сетлист состоял из заводных рок-гимнов и красивых баллад, но из всего этого узнал я только 2 самые известные песни Синдереллы - Nobody's Fool & Gypsy Road, а подпеть не смог вообще ничему - ибо и лирику не слишком помню, ну а главное - у меня за пару дней до этого напрочь пропал голос :)) До сих пор до конца не восстановился. Эх, все-таки без подпевания не хватает мне чего-то на концертах :) Еще показалось, что концерт был коротковат - ждали мы его дольше, чем он сам продолжался.


В конце концерта был приятный сюрприз - я нашел медиатор. Его никто не поймал, но несколько человек искали на полу, но не нашли. Уже отходя, я его заметила, ну и разумеется взяла :) Так что есть еще один трофей :)

Трофеи: билет, медиатор и та самая 1 гривна :))

Пристрелка фотика прошла неплохо, хотя, конечно, все мыльницы меня бесят по умолчанию. Но зеркалку на концерт не возьмешь, поэтому приходится мириться :) Нужные настройки найдены, управление в темноте одной рукой освоено, 10-15 процентов достойных фоток вроде есть, так что жить можно :)

А вот и видео, кстати. Качество весьма неплохое, если смотреть в 360р и выше. Оператор из меня, конечно, так себе, но стоял же не в первом ряду, поэтому трясло и влезали руки и головы. Но последний кадр просто великолепен! И ведь получилось абсолютно случайно :)

Once around the ride
Shake me
Heartbreak station
Somebody save me
Night songs
The more things change
Coming home
Second wind
Don`t know what you`ve got
Nobody`s fool
Gypsy road
Long cold winter
Shelter me

Проф.фотки: here.

А завтра еще один концерт - System of a Down. Вот это обещает быть интереснее, правда, с голосом у меня все еще фигня...
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